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b-D-Glucose Pentaacetate CAS 604-69-3

Product name: b-D-Glucose Pentaacetate

CAS NO:604-69-3

Molecular formula: C₁₆H₂₂O₁₁

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FIRSKY
Model Number: 1KG
Certification: SGS,ISO 9001
Purity: 99%
Packaging Details: Custom aluminum packages,paper boxes,wooden cartons
Delivery Time: Tracks available within 3-5 working days after payment received
Payment Terms: Escrow,Bank transfer,Western Union,Money Gram,Wise,Crypto currencies
Supply Ability: 2000T/Mouth


b-D-Glucose Pentaacetate is an acetylated derivative of glucose. It is created by substituting five acetyl groups onto the glucose molecule. This modification enhances the compound's stability and alters its properties for various applications.


Chemical Synthesis: b-D-Glucose Pentaacetate is commonly used in chemical synthesis as a reagent or protecting group for glucose. It can be selectively deprotected to regenerate glucose or used as a starting material for the synthesis of other compounds.

Organic Chemistry: The compound is utilized in organic chemistry for various reactions and transformations. Due to its acetylated form, it can undergo specific chemical reactions that glucose alone cannot.

Pharmaceutical Industry: b-D-Glucose Pentaacetate finds applications in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in drug development and formulation. It plays a crucial role as an intermediate in the synthesis of certain pharmaceutical compounds.

Food and Flavor Industry: This compound is used in the food and flavor industry as an additive and flavoring agent. It can enhance the taste and aroma of certain food products.

Polymer Chemistry: b-D-Glucose Pentaacetate is employed in polymer chemistry and material science. It can act as a monomer or reactant in the synthesis of polymeric materials with tailored properties.


Chemical Name b-D-Glucose Pentaacetate
Synonyms β-D-Glucopyranose 1,2,3,4,6-Pentaacetate; 1,2,3,4,6-Penta-O-acetyl-β-D-
CAS Number 604-69-3
Molecular Formula C₁₆H₂₂O₁₁
Appearance White to Off-White Solid
Melting Point 128-130°C
Molecular Weight 390.34
Storage 4°C
Solubility Chloroform (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)
Category Building Blocks; Carbohydrates;
Applications D-Glucose pentaacetate was reported to stimulate insulin release in rat pancreatic islets. Only a-D-glucose pentaacetate caused an immediate increase in insulin output. The b-anomer of D-glucose pentaacetate first transiently inhibited insulin release, this initial effect being followed by a secondary rise in secretory rate.


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