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Honeysuckle Extract CAS 84603-62-3

Product name: Honeysuckle Extract

Appearance: Brown Powder



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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: FIRSKY
Model Number: 1KG
Certification: SGS,ISO 9001
Purity: 99%
Packaging Details: Custom aluminum packages,paper boxes,wooden cartons
Delivery Time: Tracks available within 3-5 working days after payment received
Payment Terms: Escrow,Bank transfer,Western Union,Money Gram,Wise,Crypto currencies
Supply Ability: 2000T/Mouth


Honeysuckle extract is derived from the flowers of the honeysuckle plant (Lonicera japonica) and is known for its various health-promoting properties. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries due to its beneficial effects on the body.

Key Features:

  • Natural and Botanical: Honeysuckle extract is obtained from the flowers of the honeysuckle plant, ensuring its natural and botanical origin.
  • Rich in Bioactive Compounds: It contains a range of bioactive compounds, including flavonoids, phenolic acids, and essential oils, which contribute to its therapeutic properties.
  • Pleasant Aroma and Taste: Honeysuckle extract is characterized by a sweet and floral fragrance, making it a popular ingredient in aromatic products and herbal preparations.


Health Benefits:

  • Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Effects: Honeysuckle extract exhibits potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help protect cells from oxidative stress and reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Immune Support: It is known to boost the immune system, potentially enhancing the body's defense against infections and promoting overall well-being.
  • Respiratory Health: Honeysuckle extract is traditionally used to support respiratory health, including relieving coughs, reducing phlegm, and soothing sore throats.
  • Skin Health: It may have benefits for the skin, including anti-aging effects, soothing skin irritations, and promoting a healthy complexion.


  • Traditional Medicine: Honeysuckle extract has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and other systems of traditional medicine for its diverse therapeutic properties.
  • Herbal Supplements: It is a common ingredient in herbal supplements targeting immune support, respiratory health, and overall wellness.
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: Honeysuckle extract is utilized in various skincare and beauty products, including creams, lotions, and soaps, for its moisturizing and soothing properties.
  • Aromatic Products: Its pleasant fragrance makes honeysuckle extract a popular choice in perfumes, candles, and other aromatic products.


Product Name Honeysuckle Extract
Purity 99%
Appearance Brown Powder
Certification ISO9001/Halal/Kosher
Specification Honeysuckle Chlorogenic Acid
Dosage Form Powder, Capsules, Tablets
Keywords Honeysuckle Chlorogenic Acid;Honeysuckle Extract;Chlorogenic Acid Powder
Storage Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life 24 Months


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