Valerophenone: Synthesis, Uses and Properties

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Valerophenone: Synthesis, Uses and Properties

Jul 18, 2023 1

Valerophenone, also referred to as butyl phenyl ketone, is an extremely useful organic compound. Valerophenone with CAS number 1009-14-9 and molecular formula C11H14O, finds many applications across various industries. We will explore its synthesis, uses, and properties in detail within this article, offering further insight into its significance within these sectors and industries.

What Is Valerophenone: Exploring Its Structure and Composition

Valerophenone (butyl phenyl ketone) belongs to the family of aromatic ketones and has an molecular structure composed of an aromatic benzene ring substituted with a carbonyl group (C=O), as well as an alkyl group derived from butyl. It has the formula C11H14O to reflect this; 11 carbon atoms, 14 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom are present in its formula.


Valerophenone Synthesis: Unveiling the Process for Producing its Compound

Valerophenone can be produced through a reaction between benzene and butyryl chloride catalyzed by a Lewis acid catalyst such as aluminum chloride (AlCl3) or iron(III) chloride (FeCl3). This process, known as Friedel-Crafts acylation, results in the substitution of one hydrogen on the benzene ring with butyl group to create Valerophenone; see the following chemical equation for this reaction.

C6H6 + CH3(CH2)2COCl = C11H14O + HCl

To achieve maximum yield and purity of Valerophenone, the reaction must be tightly managed through temperature and pressure regulation.

Valerophenone: Exploring its Physical and Chemical Properties

Valerophenone boasts various physical and chemical properties that contribute to its versatility, and understanding these properties is integral to understanding its uses and applications. Notable properties of Valerophenone include:

1. Appearance: Valerophenone is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with an aromatic scent.

2. Melting Point: Valerophenone's melting point falls between -6degC and -4degC, whilst its boiling point lies somewhere in between 223degC to 224degC.

4. Solubility: This compound is readily soluble in organic solvents like ethanol, diethyl ether and acetone but exhibits only limited solubility in water.

5. Density: Valerophenone has an approximate density of 0.987 g/cm3. 6. Reactivity: Valerophenone is generally stable under normal circumstances, yet can react with strong oxidizing agents and undergo typical keto reactions, including nucleophilic addition.


Valerophenone: Understanding Its Applications

Valerophenone finds applications across many industries due to its special properties. Let's examine all the fields where Valerophenone finds use:

Flavor and Fragrance Industries: Expanding Scent Profiles

Valerophenone is widely employed by the flavor and fragrance industry as a fragrance compound, contributing to creating pleasurable and alluring scent profiles in perfumes, colognes and other scented products. Valerophenone's aromatic qualities help create pleasant yet attractive aromas in perfumes and colognes alike, making it an invaluable ingredient for perfumers and fragrance manufacturers.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Key Component in Drug Synthesis

Valerophenone plays a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical industry as an intermediate compound and precursor. It can be found in anticonvulsant medications, muscle relaxants, analgesics and many other pharmaceutical products and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Due to its distinct structure and reactivity properties, it provides pharmaceutical chemists with a great building block for developing novel drugs and therapies.

Chemical Industry: An Ideal Platform

Valerophenone is an integral building block in the chemical industry. Used as raw material to manufacture plasticizers, resins, dyes and other organic compounds that contribute to various products on the market, this versatile compound allows manufacturers to produce an array of chemical products. Valerophenone's compatibility with various chemical reactions make it an invaluable ingredient that allows synthesis of an assortment of items.

Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry: Enhancing Fragrances and Scents

Valerophenone can be found in cosmetics and personal care products such as lotions, creams, and hair care items. Its fragrance-enhancing properties create an alluring scent to make these items more desirable for consumers; its ability to prolong fragrance longevity and create unique scent profiles makes this an invaluable ingredient for cosmetic and fragrance formulators.

Research and Development: An Essential Component for Scientific Studies

Valerophenone is widely utilized for scientific research due to its unique chemical properties. It serves as a reference compound in spectroscopic analysis and laboratory procedures, making it an essential component in various scientific investigations. Furthermore, its stability and compatibility with analytical techniques make Valerophenone a useful resource for those studying organic chemistry or related fields.

Valerophenone has proven itself an indispensable compound across several industries due to its versatile uses and remarkable properties, from flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical, chemical and perfumery industries as well as research and development applications. As more applications and innovations emerge in this area of chemistry, valerophenone should continue to play an integral part in many different products and scientific innovations.

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